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Heart Of Christmas Farms, LLC
21310 Fort Christmas Road
Christmas, FL 32709
[email protected]
Fruit & Vegetables Hydroponically Grown to Organic Standards
Fresh picked strawberries, tomatoes, greens,
herbs, peppers, lettuces, squash, sprouts,
micro-greens, edible flowers, radishes
spinach, and more!
Farm store hours:
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We deliver orders Mon-Fri if over
(delivery charge not included)
As you travel down our long driveway you
will see the hydroponic vertical stacks we
grow our products on. Each stack consists of
5-7 pots and each pot houses 2-4 plants. We
DO NOT use any type of dirt. We grow in a
mixture of coconut fiber and perlite or in
some cases just nutrient water. Plants are
fed organic nutrients via miles of PVC pipes
and emitter tubes to create the best tasting
fruits and vegetables you will ever taste.